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China DNW Diaper Production Line Manufacturer Co., Ltd is a comprehensive company in making hygienic product machine in China.DNW starts as a specialist sanitary napkin machine manufacturer In china. Our products include sanitary napkin making machine, diaper making machine, panty liner machine, breast pad machine, adult diaper machine, pad making machine, packing machine, stacker, automatic rewinder (tissue paper machine) wet wipes machine.Every year, we continuously offer our machine to sanitary napkin and diaper manufacturers. They are very satisfied with our machine both in terms of quality and price. We earn a very good reputation at home and abroad. All our customers believe in our service and products.We adhere to the strict management and production principle. All our machines are designed, manufactured and inspected by professional guides and scientific controls under our engineering work team. "Customer is God" is the most fundamental principle of our company. We will not sell machines without approval or satisfaction from our customers, if you buy the first machine from us, you will not buy the second from others. For more selection, please visit our website, https: //www.dnwmachinery.com.

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Ali Semih Oran
1 Ekim 2020 , Perşembe 16:33:38

İstanbul beylikdüzünde bir tanıdığım ile ortak iş yapmak istiyoruz. Adi ortaklık mı kurmalıyız Limited şirket mi? ortaklık açısından hangisi daha iyi olur?

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