Topindus Labels & Patches Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

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Topindus Labels & Patches Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

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Topindus Label & Patches Manufacturer Co., Ltd. 自创立完整的服装配件系列以来,我们已将自己打造为专业的标签和贴片制造商和供应商,我们提供的配件产品涵盖贴片、拉头、拉绳,以及定制产品,如定制徽标 T 恤、定制徽标帽子、定制冲浪带。所有产品均通过国际公认的质量认证。

As we all know, choosing a high quality labels is vital factor in the purchasing process between consumers and it may affet the immage of a company when the products is got by customers. Therefore, it is much more important to cooperate with a reliable cloting accessory manufacturer in relation to the quality, the service. Topindus Decorative Labels & Patches Co., Ltd. one of the largest label and patches manufacturers, has great strength to provide you with satisfactory clothing accessories.

Till now, we have successfully established stable relationships with customers from America, Europe, Africa, Australia and other countries. Were ready for cooperating with you. Please visit

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