Uttp Global Dış Ticaret Ltd.Şti

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  • 13 Nisan 2023
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Uttp Global Dış Ticaret Ltd.Şti

Firma Hakkında

Vision: To provide all spare parts and systems required by heavy commercial vehicles in 5 continents under one roof with the assurance of UTTP and to ensure the recognition of our brand all over the world as the most distinguished and favored brand of our sector.

Mission : The aim of UTTP GLOBAL is to become a pioneering company both in our country and in our sector by going further every day in line with the needs of our sector with high value-added, innovative, and world-class products.

Servıces  :   UTTP not only supplies the demands of its customers with ease, but also offers both high quality and economical price under one roof with advanced product solutions with its wide product range.

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