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The company started to sell retail touristic souvenir products in 1985 under GIFTSOFANATOLIA brand. The first sale point was a small store called kiosk and today it serves with 7 retail stores, 3 wholesale stores and 1 cast foundry in Kusadasi and Bodrum under GIFTSOFANATOLIA brand. Our journey at tourism sector starting with a small retail store serves with a big product range of confectionary and jewelry stores at touristic souvenir sector today. Serving as retail store till 2000 the company has started wholesale trade and marketing services since then. In the same year we started to export to the countries such as Greece, Spain, U.S.A., Germany and Switzerland. Apart from putting our jewellery store into service in Kusadasi in 2002, the company started to manufacture chess products in Turkey with a partner manufacturing metal chess products in Greece. We moved to our new center building in 2009 and have been serving to the customers since then.

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